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The Audolatry music store sells music in MP3 format on behalf of musicians and record labels.


Old.songs.cover.700 Damien Barber and Mike Wilson - The Old Songs
Damien and Mike's second album. "The duo’s harmonies are tight without a hint of hesitation and delivered with an assuredness still rare to find these days amongst other artists of a similar disposition. Their choice of material throughout the album is spot-on including “Come Write Me Down”, “The Old Songs” and MacColl’s truly classic “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” which utilises a stark but evocative concertina accompaniment." Pete Fyfe, UK Folk Music website (ukfolkmusic.co.uk). "A number of the songs on this album were originally learnt from the singing of two brilliant talents, now sadly gone from us, Johnny Collins and even more recently Mike Waterson. With admiration and thanks, we dedicate this album to their memory." Eleven tracks in 320 Kbps mp3 format. All music traditional, arranged by Damien Barber and Mike Wilson, unless otherwise stated.
Interspecies-disco Biscuithead and the Biscuit Badgers - Interspecies Disco
This is Biscuithead & the Biscuit Badgers' first album (2010), containing such delights as Cheese, The Land Hermit Crab and Doug McClure.
Square-cover-1000-x-1000-less-than-500kb Biscuithead and the Biscuit Badgers - The Greatest Show on Toast
The second album (2011) from Biscuithead & the Biscuit Badgers contains songs on dodgy meat, a much neglected colour, the very serious subject of facial hair and the music from their first video release The Seaweed Under the Sofa.
Captain.ward.400.360 The Demon Barbers - Captain Ward
The Demon Barber's first full-length album, capturing the excitement of their live performances. The album includes traditional English folk songs and dance tunes arranged by the band, plus contemporary material written by members of the band and others, (including the Grateful Dead), all driven by the Demon Barber's drum and base powered folk rock style. "they’ve assembled a rampaging collection of mostly traditional material that affords plenty of scope for their maverick tendencies, particularly in rhythms that variously employ clogs, beat-boxing and trip-hoppery to maintain the freshness and unpredictability of their tunes and song structures" Colin Irwin, www.bbc.co.uk. "a force to be reckoned with both on stage and now in the studio" Allan Wilkinson, Northern Sky Dedicated to the memory of Little Si and David Williams. Thirteen tracks in mp3 format at 320 Kbps quality. Running time 45:11.
24db.cover.600 The Demon Barbers - +24db
“This EP marks a step forward for the band. +24db is only a short release – 6 tracks, 24 minutes – but it’s the best, and more consistent, of the Barbers’ releases so far. Mainly a collection of traditional tunes, the CD opens with Damien’s self-penned ’The Good Old Days’ – a great track with some gorgeous fiddle work and decent lyrics.” Bright Young Folk. Six tracks in mp3 format at 320 Kbps quality. Running time 24 minutes.
Maz_upon_a_stranger_shore_600_600 Maz O'Connor - Upon a Stranger Shore
Maz's first full-length album, featuring her own songs and her arrangements of traditional songs. Released in 2013, the album was well received by the critics and Maz was nominated for the Horizon Award in the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards that year. "The key to the success of her debut album Upon a Stranger Shore isn’t simply her deeply striking sea-faring vocals, but the unique patchwork that she has created that runs throughout the album like an ocean map. Not simply a case of using the likes of South Australia and Leaving of Liverpool on the album itself; but by interspersing these classics with her own meaningful songs such as the cheerful travelling tune of Rambling Free she gives her work more power, allowing it to nestle in the midst of the greats." Joe Knipe, Artree magazine (www.artree.org.uk) "Maz’s controlled and never forced vocals blends so well with her accompanying musicians Matthew Jones (guitar/double bass), Joe O’Connor (melodeon), Nicola Lyons (fiddle), Jim Molyneux (percussion) and Sam Sweeney (cello) that her maturity belies her obvious youth." Pete Fyfe, UK Folk Music website (ukfolkmusic.co.uk). Eleven tracks in mp3 format at 320 Kbps quality. Running time 48:34.
Recital Michael Raven and Joan Mills - Recital
This album is representative of one of our concert performances. It comprises a blend of folksongs, industrial ballads, traditional dance tunes and Michael's own compositions.
Retrospective Michael Raven and Joan Mills - Retrospective
This CD contains music from two LPs: "Gipsy" (recorded in Llandovery in 1973) and "A Miscellany of Guitar Music" (recorded in Stafford in 1977). There are also 11 short pieces published in "An English Collection". These are technically easy but satisfying to play: Michael excelled in composing and arranging such music for the amateur player. "Lichfield Greenhill Bower Processional," noted for the imitation snare drum effect, is also included. The album has 35 tracks and a total running time of 72.07.
Flowers_of_picardy Michael Raven and Joan Mills - Flowers of Picardy
On some of our CDs we stick religiously to "as live" one-guitar, one-voice recordings. Here, you find us as fallen angels cavorting, on occasion, in the company of multi-track machines. In mitigation, though, we do plead that we have exercised restraint, and that six tracks were recorded fifteen years ago before we knew the error of our ways. The album includes some poems by Michael Raven. 28 tracks. Total running time 77:20.